Mallika Sherawat, and her boyfriend Cyrille Auxenfans, thrashed in their building apartment!!

Are the ones who targeted Kim Kardashian also the one behind the attack on Mallika Sherawat?

The queen on controvery is dragged into another controversy. Bollywood actress Mallika Sheraat, and her boyfriend, Cyrille Auxenfans, were thrashed and tear-gassed by three face-covered men, in the hallway Auxenfans apartment building.

In an interview to the CNN, Sherwat claimed that she’s a strong woman, and is not going to let images of this incidence change her life in any way. She reportedly fought them off when the intruders were trying to grab her bag. The masked men then pushed Mallika away and started hitting her boyfriend Auxen.

Fortunately, Mallika was unhurt, both mentally and physically. Those three men fled the scene empty handed from the building rue de la Faisanderie. After this incident, the couple refused to see the doctor as no major damage was done.

A report has been made regarding this incident, and police are investigating, taking charge on this. Officials believe that this was a mere robbery attempt, but fail to see why those men fled without taking anything valuable.

Detectives also believe that the men who robbed Kim Kardashian on gunpoint, on the night of November 11 — are the same men who assaulted Mallika Sherawat. On regards to this matter, Mallika thanked her fans for all the love and support on this matter.